We deliver the best results to our clients

Compliance Services

We maintain the compliance of your active candidates to make sure they never lapse and continuous business gets generated through them (whilst strictly adhering to framework compliance norms). We serve with an aim that you secure highest ratings during audits. We also get your new registration and pipeline candidates on compliant status to make sure fresh candidates are added to your revenue stream.

Database Reactivation

We churn your database to reactivate new candidates and update information. On longer run this exercise will help our client in developing an accurate and efficient database.

Candidate Sourcing

We also help you to grow your database through sourcing candidate from portals and social media.

On-call services

Majority of the out of hours calls are of urgent nature, in such situations your clients and candidates will always expect to be able to speak to someone. Our on-call service will make sure that calls get attended irrespective of the time. This will help you to develop client and candidate satisfaction.

CV Formatting

Well formatted CVs always grab attention and there are more chances of it being selected for a job. If all the CVs sent from your system are formatted by following a unique layout then this will contribute in developing your brand image. We help you in getting this sorted.

Adding candidates to different portals

In healthcare recruitment attaching candidates to different client portals can take lot of your admin time. We perform this task for you so that your sales team can do more bookings.

Confirmation Paperwork

Creating and sending confirmations to client and candidates is also an important admin task of recruitment. Lot of times recruitment consultants make errors like sending client’s confirmation to candidate, miss out reporting instructions, accommodation and travel, timesheet authorization details etc. Accurate confirmation leads to smooth assignment. We take the responsibility of sorting this admin task so that your sales team can utilize their time to book more shifts.

Timesheets Management

Timesheets brings cash hence this admin task holds most important position in any recruitment business. We create and send timesheet reports every Monday to make sure all received timesheets are included in the weekly payroll. We perform this task at high accuracy to make sure all candidates get paid on time. We also minutely keep an eye on authorization signatures, travel policy, expense claim form, invoices to make sure that whole process of timesheet runs flawless.

Credit-Control calls to clients

The other side of timesheet process is about chasing invoiced money from clients. We can perform this task of credit control for you.

360° Recruitment (Bookings/Placements)

Alongwith compliance and admin, we also help our clients with full recruitment cycle i.e. providing them recruitment consultants for bookings/placements.